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     Chris McCall was born July 1st 1980 and has lived in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area for most of his life.

He can remember as a kid growing up and always using his creative skills to create art in some form or manner. In high school, he took a couple of art classes; but still, he had no idea what he wanted to peruse after he graduated. After high school, worked in the film industry for 10 years; but lost interest and started to find other forms of art to inspire him.

2014 proved to be the year of great change for him, as he explored the arts once more. It’s been four years now since he transitioned from video to the arts/painting and he doesn’t regret it for one second.

Chris has shown his work in many art shows, festivals and events in Ohio, Kentucky and Chicago. This year, he continues to pursue even greater opportunities in California and Colorado. Chris finds inspiration every day through his friends, art festivals and the world around him.

When it comes to a style, people have recently classified his work as being surreal with a blend of sci fi. Chris has created his own unique style with a satisfying degree of detail and narrative. He believes this improves the overall experience for the viewer and most importantly, tells a story.

He hopes his work can inspire others to find their passion and live life with a meaning.

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(937) 238 6090


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