"Ancient Fortitude" original

"Ancient Fortitude" original


"Ancient Fortitude" is double matted with a nice heavy frame, complementing this piece very well.

31″ x 38″ Chalk Pastel


With this piece “Ancient Fortitude” the primary visual focus are the two towers. They represent absolute dominance over the land and give a sense of scale and balance to the overall composition. Perhaps long ago, this “Star Wars” inspired planet was ruled by an alien race with extraordinary powers to build structures beyond ones capabilities. Now, the towers lie undisturbed, soundless and remind the people that there once was an even greater power.

Each moon or planet represents a different part of time, life and energy. They work together to help maintain this dynamic and powerful world. The villages were created by an alien race who has ruled these lands as great warriors for centuries. The flags around the villages are mainly used as makers for territory, deadly acid pools and molten quicksand. The skeleton monster in the middle tells us, it may have died thousands of years ago, or it was hunted by the creatures who now rule these lands. This vast desolate landscape and all that reside in it, give life and meaning to a world of the unknown.